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To strengthen and support addiction recovery by collaborating, developing and expanding three core principles: Education, Service, Health & Wellness. In doing so, we provide additional resources and leadership to fight Addiction A National Emergency. We champion long-term recovery, foster self discovery, broaden prevention education, advance strategic partnership, increase treatment capacity, help save lives and heal our families.

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Addiction | The Most Serious Problem in america?

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140 million adults and children say their lives have been changed forever by addiction

10% of Americans who needed treatment for an addiction problem actually received treatment in 2016

~$810 Billion in costs related to crime, lost work productivity, health care from Addiction per year

1 in 4: ~Number of young adults in 2016 who were users of illicit drugs.

As many as 80% of child abuse cases involve alcohol or drug use.

Addiction | Drug Overdoses & Suicides are the leading cause of death for Americans under 50.

To Collaborate Strengthen & Support Recovery


Clean Sober Addiction Prevention, Support Recovery Programs, Addiction Education, Substance Abuse

We use education to fight addiction and to develop stronger recovery programs at every stage in the recovery process. We use education in treatment, in relapse prevention, in harm reduction,  education to bring about a spiritual connection, in awareness and prevention programs for our young people, and to encourage others to share their "one day at a time" story. Education is a critical element in breaking the chains of addiction and healing the mind-body-spirit. Education is the bridge to generate more resources to support and strengthen recovery and save lives. Addiction is a national health emergency and we are all standing in the middle of it. 


Fighting Substance Abuse, Opioid Epidemic, and Addiction through service and collaboration by giving

To be Clean & Sober and live life free from addiction is to us, the most beautiful thing in the world. One of the most powerful values in recovery is being of service to each other and our communities. Service also includes those supporting the fight against addiction which is a national emergency. We love the way service it makes us feel, to give, is to heal. Service and giving, free from expectation, allows us to free ourselves from the chains of addiction and make a life. Through service and love we strengthen our recovery foundations and programs, we restore the family and heal together as a nation. CSO's commitment to service will foster long-term recovery and provide leadership towards community collaboration to save more lives.

Health & Wellness

Addiction Treatment Prevention, Recovery Programs, Opioid, Drug Overdose, Substance Use Disorder

Health & Wellness is the most important part of realizing the dream of long-term recovery. It includes assessments, treatments, therapies, classes, fellowship, and is the core action we must take to heal our mind-body-soul. CSO believes through the state of addiction science that the mind and body must be treated first to give those suffering the highest chance of success in recovery. Not only for an addict but for all of us, health & wellness actions are sometimes the most difficult to implement. Changing habits and behavior can only come with consistency, but our lives get easier when we do the hard things. 10% of those needing treatment for substance abuse and addiction receive it. We must increase treatment capacity.

Veterans and Addiction - We've Left Them Behind

Veterans are suffering from PTSD, Addiction, Substance Abuse Improve Addiction Treatment 4 Veterans

Stress from the intense military lifestyle including war-zone and combat exposure contributes to an epidemic of drug use and alcohol abuse. Veterans who suffer from substance abuse want to escape from life and have a very difficult time changing behavior. Many times its because of the trauma caused during their service. As we now know Veterans have terrible health care. It is getting better, but they are still not able to get the quality treatment they need.


More than 1 in 4 military deaths are attributed to substance abuse. The relationship between PTSD and addiction is clear. According to the VA, more than 1 in 5 veterans with PTSD have a substance use disorder and 1 out of 3 veterans who seek addiction treatment has PTSD.


Invest In Opportunities To Strengthen Recovery

Unique Opportunities To Support Recovery | SAVE LIVES | Addiction, Opioid Abuse, A National Health Emergency

CSO's "Cup Of Joe" A Coffee Service Campaign

Clean Sober Olympics Coffee Service Program To Fight Addiction And Support Recovery. CSO CUP OF JOE!

Thank you for the opportunity to present the HLF Aroma5500, the world’s best Italian super-automatic specialty coffee machine. Support recovery and serve fresh ground coffee, espresso, cappuccino, café mocha, french vanilla Latte, chai and more. 12 different selections, in seconds, at the touch of a button.  Not only will the Aroma compliment your work place, but also will far exceed your guests’  and employees expectations by offering the highest quality coffee and gourmet beverages available. 

What a benefit to be able to offer your customers a true “coffeehouse experience” and at the same time supporting recovery with each cup consumed!  CSO's Cup Of Joe coffee program is a unique value partnership.

Supporting Recovery Partnerships To Save Lives


  • Collaborating To Develop, Deploy And Market Custom Campaigns
  • Campaigns Are Win/Win Partnerships To Support Recovery & Save Lives
  • Sponsorship | Donations |  Cross Promotions | PR | Product Development | Branding | Community Engagement | Advertising | Networking | Volunteer | Speaking | Recovery Treatment | Skills Exchange | Real Estate Investment

It is time we come together and unite as a community, county, city, state, and country and support recovery through out of the box collaborations.

  833-CSOFREE | 833-276-3733

This is A National Emergency. Help save lives and weaponize recovery. 

Official Launch of 'CSO' With The Winter Olympics 18'

Addiction Treatment Prevention, A National Emergency, Opioid Epidemic, Clean Sober Winter Olympics

Too Many American's Will Die From Drug & Alcohol Abuse During the Olympic Games

Substance Abuse | Opioid Addiction is killing our families. It is a National Emergency.

We must unite and fight and support quality recovery programs and increase treatment care.

Support Recovery | Save LIves

Expanding Treatment Capacity Improving Recovery

An addict in recovery is a brilliant person as they have over come so much. We expand recovery one day at a time through initiatives that bring about significant positive outcomes. 

Addiction affects every aspect of our society

Participate In Healing Lives | Support Recovery

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Clean & Sober Olympics supports recovery programs through education, service, and healthy & wellness

We foster long-term recovery, increase treatment capacity, provide addiction prevention and education, throw events to bring awareness, raise funds for scholarships, and help change the stigma of substance Use Disorder. The Opioid epidemic is a national health emergency. Too many Americans are dying from Addiction without having the opportunity for residential treatment.  

Clean & Sober Olympics (Nonprofit)

Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States

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