Copernican Wars have been fought to save America

The War Against Substance Abuse, Overdose, Opioid You Are In

General Patton's guidance on how to fight a war is useful. Substance Abuse is the most important war

Following Patton's Guidance on War | Support CSO Provide Resources To Strengthen Recovery

Everyone is aware of the Substance Abuse emergency in America. Awareness is one thing, ACTION is another. CSO plans, develops, and deploys strategic actions needed to strengthen recovery. Did you know only 10% of those needing treatment for addiction receive it? That the costs related to addiction in 2017 exceeded $800 Billion? More Americans die from Addiction every 2.5 weeks than those who passed on 911. We are all in this fight together. Strengthening Recovery will benefit everyone. 

BattlePlan - 6 Main Weapons - Divergent Strategies

- Education & Prevention

- Expansion of Treatment Capacity

- Development & Partnerships

- Awareness & Public Relations

- Strengthening Recovery Events

- Community Benefit & Service Projects

Substance Abuse - A National Emergency

Education & Prevention

Addiction Education Schools Program,Opioid Epidemic Overdose Awareness, Substance Abuse Recovery

We will always be "kids" to our parents. CSO will weaponize recovery through our NMC 'School Program' delivering targeted education that is feeds the soul and expands the mind . Did you catch the head fake? We are never to old to learn.

Expansion of Treatment Capacity

Substance Abuse, Addiction, Opioid Epidemic A National Emergency. We need increase treatment support

Generally Addiction Treatment is too limited, expensive, fragmented, and too short resulting in relapse, low success rates and death. We have the model that works! Imagine an arena full of cots after a national disaster. Multiply that by 21,333. That's roughly the disaster in America, Every Day! Many more will receive the treatment they need with the implementation of this weapon.

Development & Partnerships

CSO Delivers Value In Our Partnerships, Weaponize Recovery and Fighting Substance Abuse, Pledge Now

The technology, state of science treatments for addiction, and  combined love and brain power in America is unmatched. Together, we will support recovery one idea, one dollar, one partnership, and one day at a time. We are the battle plan. Success is realized through collaboration.

Awareness & Public Relations

Addiction, Substance Use Disorder, Opioid Epidemic awareness is EVERY DAY! Too many are dying.

Substance Abuse, Co-Occurring Mental Illness, and Attachment Health has devastated our communities, destroyed our families, and caused robbed our country for too long. We fight not only to bring increased and continious awareness but also with the conviction to secure support. 

Weaponzie Recovery Events

Support Recovery, Donate, Pledge, Sponsor, Post, Share! Fighting Substance Abuse CSO Events

CSO Events are a powerful weapon against addiction. They foster long term recovery by providing service and employment opportunities resulting in small wins for individuals suffering; they drive awareness; they help fund our mission and objectives; they provide additional education and treatment exposure; they honor those who have lost loved ones;  they provide a safe place and fellowship where experience strength and hope can be shared; they help save lives and restore families.

Community Benefit Projects

Sobriety Is Beautiful! There is so much we can do when we are Clean & Sober and free from Addiction.

Our mission at CSO and the great work we do as a whole includes a comprehensive tangible benefit to our community, state and country. Our efforts support community in various ways: Crime and recidivism reduction, changed behavior and transformation, gainful employment and the restoration of family and helping others through sponsorship are a few of the benefits. We will launch additional service projects and develop "What's Working" website to further benefit our community in recovery. 

Contact Us | Strengthen Recovery Save Lives

If you are a service provider, treatment center, family member, contractor, speaker, community leader, entrepreneur, potential partner, politician, individual or other please reach out to us we would like to hear from you.

Better yet, see us in person!

We would love to hear your ideas, share experience, strength and hope, hear about what you are doing and help save lives together. To schedule a meeting reach out to us. This is A National Embergency. 

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