Allocation of Funds By %

1- Development & Deployment Programs & Services | 20% Fall 2018 Launch

Funds Used To Develop/Deploy Specific Programs With Strategic Partners To Fight Substance Abuse

Addiction Education & Prevention Program: For teenagers and young adults who are at risk and/or already abusing drugs and alcohol; the programs main purpose is to provide harm reduction and preventative outreach through education. It will be tied into a  treatment alternative on a case by case basis, from a CSO preferred vendor 3-6 months after implementation. This program will serve as our "Schools Program."(more details provided soon)

What's Working Recovery? Information Website: This project will take individuals of all ages who have had success in recovery and share their experience strength and hope with others. Recovery can be scary for all involved and it will provide hope and guidance on a potential path towards freedom. It will also share information on different types of treatment and perhaps offer potential scholarship treatment to those who cannot afford it.

2- Expanding Treatment Capacity Inpatient & Extended Care | 55% Ongoing

Treatment Capacity Expansion Projects: The planning developing and execution of expanding current substance abuse treatment programs and building new ones. The key to the programs success is a combination of government grants, foundation awards, private donors and custom corporate partnerships all coming together to support recovery.  We had intense discussions about narrowing the focus of CSO to only treatment capacity expansion, however we concluded that would not support our mission to weaponize recovery through Education, Service, Health & Wellness. 

Treatment Scholarships: 10% of the individuals who require treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring mental illness resulting from addiction receive the treatment they need. A percentage of the 55% in this category will be allocated to scholarships. We believe that a majority of the funding received from State and Federal Grants will be put towards scholarship treatments.Treatment will be offered by CSO Approved Treatment Partners within our Collaboration Model.

3- CSO Events & Community Service Initiatives | 10% Ongoing

General Events: CSO will hold of variety of events throughout the year. Each event will serve a specific purpose and most events will have development and fundraising as a core component. Events pay for themselves but more importantly they a critical element to weaponize recovery. 

Foster Long-Term Recovery/Support Fellowship | Education | Service | Health & Wellness | Development

Promote Recovery Awareness Addiction is A National Health Emergency, we hope to bring about change in the stigma of addiction that exists and contributes to the death of Americans.

Secure Donor Partners Networking with individuals, families, entrepreneurs, politicians, vendors, service providers, and welcome all to participate in the great work CSO is doing to weaponize recovery and fight substance abuse. 

4- Marketing & Compensation | 15% Ongoing

CSO will utilize fellowship and volunteers and partners to help reduce operating costs. CSO as a nonprofit, understands the issue that exists in America where executives use funds as a personal bank or their is the perceived thought in that. CSO's commitment to transparency will be a main component of our success. Included in this category is employee salaries, contractor payments, partner and volunteer benefits and general marketing and office expenses. As CSO expands and costs increase we anticipate this category to rise but never by more than 8%. 


** 8% is derived from a match donation campaign from board and family members = 108% Total Allocation

** We reserve the right to change the allocation % based on local | national | substance abuse and Opioid Epidemic data, and the development and deployment of programs and projects. 


CSO will release financial updates as well as provide other details every month on the 15th of the money starting March 15th 2018.