CSO Will Expand Collaboration Models To Save Life

Improve Efficiency

Improving efficiency is something every organization, for profit or nonprofit, does to realize greater success. When treatment is fragmented or lacking efficiency is has great consequence for the lives we mean to save. 

Strengthen Programs

New technologies, better resources, improved curriculum, personalized services,  and treatment duration are a few of the things that need to be improved upon in our current treatment programs. Many of these can be implemented in simple collaborations with other organizations. 

Complementary Skills and Abilities

Addiction is centered in the mind and therefore is the only disease that tells the person they don't have it. Many treatment centers do amazing things but how much further can we progress if we are collaborating and using the best skills and abilities from each organization. When we collaborate we deliver the best results. 

Reduce Costs Improve Core

Through substance abuse treatment and recovery collaboration we reduce costs by sharing infrastructure and administrative expenses. There are many smaller organizations that can benefit from bigger ones and the other way as well. When we reduce costs we can focus that capital on our core competencies thereby increasing success and treatment quality. 

Increase Value & Benefits

Collaboration allows both organizations to add value within and for their customers. It allows for expanded services and an overall increase to the comprehensive treatment that is offered. Addiction kills every day and destroys the American Family. We need to realize increased benefits and pass them on to our clients. There isn't a value that can be put on a human life. 

Communication & Leadership

Addiction treatment both inpatient and extended care relies on communication and leadership. When organizations collaborate success rates increase significantly because additional leadership and focused communications allow the client to build stronger foundations. Collaborations also allow treatment information to be communicated which helps with relapse. 

NBRC & MHSH A Very Successful Treatment Model

Mary Brewer President & Founder of NBRC / MHSH

Mary Brewer is the founder of New Beginning Recovery Center & Mary's Hope Sober Homes in Littleton Colorado and is a major weapon against substance abuse. She is an expert in addiction treatment models and addiction recovery and for over 15 Years has developed the lowest cost highest success rate treatment program in Colorado. Without her and her son Chris Brewer CSO would have never happened. In fact they have played a critical role in shaping the vision. Together Chris and Mary have paved the path towards freedom from Addiction for thousands of individuals. 

New Beginnings Recovery Center 'NBRC' 501(c)3 Inpatient Treatment Center

NBRC -  Opioid, drug, alcohol treatment program dedicated to giving our clients a second chance at life. NBRC provides a fully integrated addiction treatment regime strategically designed to break the cycle of addiction and change behavior. They believe the mind and body should be treated first to give the client the highest chance of success. They offer customized and personalized services and support including Inpatient & Outpatient Recovery and Therapy, Supplemental Care and Services, and Sober Living. Their clients are successful because they are able to build a solid foundation with NBRC.

Mary's Hope Sober Homes 'MHSH' 501(C)3

Marys Clean & Sober Home Mission: To provide safe affordable housing for adults recovering from substance abuse; to create a Clean & Sober environment that teaches necessary life skills and to foster long-term sobriety by offering comprehensive support, supplemental care and services. 

By using inpatient treatment and extended care treatment utilize the core strengths from each organization was a brilliant and powerful weapon against addiction. Mary's organizations have given their clients guidance through every phase of recovery producing unmatched results! Collaboration between and throughout recovery best addresses an individual's needs  

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