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Clean & Sober Olympics We Live Our CODE Of Values

Honesty & Integrity

"We don't know them all, but we owe them all." We will be true to ourselves and all others, both in private and in public, and we will live by these moral principals religiously as we understand they are essential to our success to save lives and help heal our country. CSO will be truthful and fully transparent in all our endeavors to strengthening recovery and protect our future. 

Patriotism & Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our American Dream to strengthen recovery has already become a reality but desperately needs to be expanded. A choice within the right to choose, rooted i  serving God, Country, Family, and Mission first, wrapped up in the stars & stripes, democratized with hope and endless opportunity to fight against Addiction, A National Emergency. We are citizens/Olympians who improve community and addiction recovery support our military and promote entrepreneurship and innovative partnership as a core function to attract more resources.  

Consistent & Never Giving Up

We pledge to be consistent and never give up on our mission to strengthen recovery. We honor all those fighting addiction and all the families who have lost loved ones by developing, expanding, and increasing resources to support recovery. Addiction is the only disease the tells the individual suffering that they don't have it. For many relapse is part of recovery for long term growth and healing. We will never give up on the human spirit because we know if one can do it, all can do it. Addiction Is A National Emergency.

Clean & Sober Olympics Mission

To strengthen and support addiction recovery by collaborating, developing and expanding three core principles: Education, Service, Health & Wellness. In doing so, we provide additional resources and leadership to fight Addiction A National Emergency. We champion long-term recovery, foster self discovery, broaden prevention education, advance strategic partnership, increase treatment capacity, help save lives and heal our families.