CSO Events A Critical Part Of Our Battle Plan To Fight Substance Abuse

CSO defines "Weaponize Recovery" as: taking the required actions to increase prevention, reduce harm, expand treatment services, improve recovery programs, utilize collaboration strategies, develop partnerships and raise capital to deploy our battle plan and help heal our country.  

Serving, Individual - Family - Community - State -USA

Fostering Long Term Recovery Being Proud To Be Clean & Sober

Supporting Clean & Sober Olympians in their recovery programs fighting against addiction. Through fellowship, service, and education we learn one day at a time to be proud of our recovery progress and be of service to others. 

Save Lives & Restore Families Weaponize Recovery

Together we weaponize recovery to fight substance abuse, and the outcome is increased treatment capacity, long term recovery, healing, and prevention. Lives saved, families restored is the ultimate gift to all and why we pledge support.

Addiction A National Emergency Awareness & Fundraising

Over 150M Affected Indirectly / Directly

Our Children Suffer The Most & 4x More Likely

#1 Cause of Death of Americans Under 50

American's Most Neglected Emergency

$800 Billion+ The Costs Of Addiction Per Year

CSO Events | Supporting Recovery

Sober Superbowl Fellowship

Sober Superbowl Party Event, Substance Use Disorder, Opioid A National Epidemic, Recovery Programs

FEB 4th,  3:30 

Burgers | Steaks | Small Plates & Fun

Betting Sheet From Vegas

Sober Clean Fighting Addiction Event

Opioid Treatment Poker Classic

Support Recovery Clean Sober Olympics Event, Addiction Recovery Programs, Substance Abuse Support

April TBD

Addiction Treatment | Substance Use Disorder

An Amazing Event | Opioid Abuse

Reserve Your Spot Now Limited Space

Swing For Recovery Programs

Swing Against Addiction, Substance Abuse, Support Recovery Programs, Save Lives, Opioid Epidemic


Swing Against Addiction Support Recovery

Prizes | Fun - Beginners to Expert Welcome

Teams, Food, Prizes Do Not Miss Event

Fight Addiction Spring Luau

End Of May TBD Location Chatfield Beach

Addiction Treatment And Addiction Programs

Live Music | Boat Rides | Tubing | Skiing | Fun

Family Friends Clean & Sober Olympians 

2nd Annual 5k Walk/Run Event

Clean Sober Olympics, Recovery Treatment, Addiction Prevention, Addiction Education, Substance Abuse

TBD-  June?? Reviewing Park Options

A full Clean & Sober Event - Addiction Education

Walk/Run | Bouncing House | Live Music + More

Fighting Substance Abuse, Opioid Epidemic

Freedom From Substance Abuse

Freedom From Addiction, Mind-Body-Soul Addiction Treatment, Prevention, Sober Holidays, Save Lives

July 4th, Our Founders Birthday

Freedom From Addiction Substance Abuse

Working Out The Details

Small Event to Honor Clean & Sober Olympians